Sunday Morning

Our “big event” each week is the Sunday Morning Worship Service, which takes place from 10:30 am- 12 noon. 
Although a whole series of church activities show up from time to time in the course of a Sunday morning (special announcements and presentations, infant dedications, etc.), the two main features are:

We are all
  • the church family hearing from God through the preaching of His Word. The “norm” is a sermon that is based on a specific passage of the Bible and is designed to clarify and deepen our understanding of what the passage is really saying about God and the will of God for our lives, and to explain how to apply the truths of the passage to everyday life.
  • God hearing from the church family through our singing of praises, our prayers, the reading of Scripture and the presentation of our tithes and offerings. Various artists and art forms are used to give praise to God as we journey together and prepare our hearts and minds to hear a transformational message from God’s Word.

Our Super- Blessings (ages 2 to 5) and M & M Kids club (Ages 6 to 12) are released after morning worship time and are instructed and encouraged to know and love God in our Children’s Church Room.

Communion is regularly celebrated as a part of the Sunday morning Worship Services, usually 1st Sunday every month.

Women’s Group

Women discipling women as living proof that Jesus lives.

A ministry by and for women that meets @ Pearl’s home the last Monday morning of the Month 10:00-12:00am Sept- June. We pray. We study the Bible and various Bible Studies. We enjoy one another’s company. And we seek to encourage one another in the challenges of life and faith and it’s a time of encouragement, discussion and prayer. We pray for one another, our church, community members and the challenges and needs of our missionaries.

The mandate God has given us as women at the Apsley Community Chapel is to be strong, wise women who build their houses according to Proverbs 14:1. We are learning to rise to a higher level by relying on the Word of God to be the foundation for our lives.

According to Corinthians 5:17 we became new creatures when we gave our lives to Jesus. The old had gone and everything had become new. We are laying aside the old and putting on the new man. We are learning to seek the Kingdom of God first by asking ourselves “How does the Word of God deal with this situation?” We want to apply the Word of God into our lives to bring change to our lives, our families, our community and ultimately to our Nation.

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