God's Word with text from Genesis

His Plan is Coming to Pass

The Spirit of God will always guide us into all truth and He will show us things to come. One thing that I am sure of, regardless of what the nation and church has been through, is that victory is ours through Jesus Christ. None of the things that have happened in our nation have surprised God. He has not been moved by any of these things and neither should we. In fact, I’m still singing the victory until this day.

1 Day Workshop – Discover God’s Vision for Your Life

Share List God knew exactly what He had in mind for your future when He formed you. When we’re living that plan that God has for our life we can truly know what the abundant life is. But when we haven’t discovered what we’re truly created for or having a hard time living our purpose, life can get messy. In different ways for different people, but it’s never the life that God wants for us. Hope deferred makes the heart …

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