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James 1:2-4


For those of who may not be familiar with Adventures in Odyssey, it’s a Christian based audio program filled with mystery, action, adventure and lots of biblical truths created especially for kids.


Since we’ve been part of the club (the monthly subscription to on-demand access to the whole library of AIO audios, videos and background insights) the adventures in Odyssey characters and stories have been part of our daily life.


And while it’s geared to appeal to kids, I have been taken in by the spirited stories, loveable characters and inspiring lessons.


I just listened to an episode when the Inspiration Station had just been invented and Connie experiences the virtual reality meant to inspire people to live out the gifts God has given them – to show them their potential. The story’s challenge came when Connie was inspired to be the person she really wanted to be (more patient, always helpful – just a better, cheerier version of herself) by going to the Inspiration Station  but she got a bit hooked on the inspiration experience. Perhaps even a bit addicted to the Inspiration Station experience, which made her rather disappointed in herself when she then experienced how the real world showed her how she wasn’t living up to that potential.


The wise character, Whit, imparts insightful words to Connie that is good for us all to hear again and again when the realities of this world and our mind hold us back.  Here’s the word-for-word quote from the show after Connie shares her disappointment in herself for not living up to her potential:

Whit: I understand. We all aspire to be better than we are. And it hurts to realize that we’re aren’t there yet and we’ve got a long way to go.

Connie: No kidding.

Whit: But Connie,  I think you’re missing the most important part of it all.

Connie: Like what?

Whit: God. No machine can serve as a shortcut for the work that God alone does in us.  And you know as well as anyone how that involves hard work on His part and ours. Not in a make believe world, but right here in this one.

Connie: I get that Whit. But is it so wrong to want to go to a place that helps me to feel like I’m the person He wants me to be.

Whit: There are places and times to seek inspiration where we feel like we’re close to God and we can get a glimpse of what He can do in us. But every one of us has to come down from the mountain where the real work takes place. Where He molds and shapes us. Sometimes it’s one step forward and two steps back.

Connie: yeah, or three or ten.

Whit: Sometimes we’re harder on ourselves than we ought to be. And impatient about how fast we should be growing or changing. When that happens we don’t see ourselves the way God sees us, or even the way other people see us.


So true for me too. I feel full of life and ecstatic about the ways I’m following Jesus, and sometimes even get a bit too tied up doing the things that draw me near to Him that I’m not making the time to show His light to others. Then the real world throws an opportunity to be truly shaped and molded by God and I fall off the wagon again. I revert back to my negative talk and let the enemy fill my mind with how hard life is.


Yes, there will be steps backwards every now and again. And from what I understand from those following God much more deeply than I am right now, there’s always going to be the struggle between what our body wants and what the Spirit of God has instilled in us.


I know that when I follow my Spirit, I can always find a solution, even if I have to persevere for longer than my flesh thinks is right.


Be inspired to live up to your potential; to live the life that God has for you. But when (if??) you fall short of His great plan for your life, get into the best self-help book ever created (AKA the Bible) and renew your mind with His Word.


Gods word never returns empty. He is always good.


This past Sunday Pastor John shared lots of inspiration to not let those pressures of this world put you backwards – or at least too far back. Just click on the Play arrow below to listen to some or all of the recording.




Written by Steph Morrison, a God-inspired person at Apsley Community Chapel

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