April 25, 2021

Love People With Wisdom

Passage: Proverbs 3:1-12, Matthew 22:34
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Get your wisdom from the Bible


God has always wanted good for His people and he still does! If you will put away yourself and do things God’s way every part of your life will be positively affected. Let the garbage go. For out of your life will flow the issues of your heart – of your thinking. Talk good, act respectfully towards everyone – even those you don’t agree with!! Don’t understand how that is possible? That’s what God’s Word is for. Pastor John will lead you to the best parts of the Bible to help you understand.

Posted by John Trotter on Sunday, April 25, 2021

Praise and Worship

There was Jesus . . . when you least expect it, when you think He’s not there, when you need a friend, when you need wisdom.


Every time I tried to make it on my own
Every time I tried to stand and start to fall
All those lonely roads that I have travelled on
There was Jesus

When the life I built came crashing to the ground
When the friends I had were nowhere to be found
I couldn’t see it then but I can see it now
There was Jesus

In the waiting, in the searching
In the healing and the hurting
Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces
Every minute, every moment
Of where I been and where I’m going
Even when I didn’t know it
Or couldn’t see it
There was Jesus

For this man who needs amazing kind of grace
For forgiveness at a price I couldn’t pay
I’m not perfect so I thank God every day
There was Jesus

On the mountain in the valleys (There was Jesus)
In the shadows of the alleys (There was Jesus)
In the fire, in the flood (There was Jesus)
Always is and always was
I never walk alone

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